Stains that won’t budge, then you better get the This Cleans Everything Bundle

As I have a second ‘This Cleans Everything’, that tells you how good it is. This was one of my first reviews, and only had the top photo. I have added more, and an update.


Wow. That is the only word I can think of, after using the This Cleans Everything Amazing multi-purpose ,natural clay cleaner eco-friendly. First off I love that I don’t have to wear gloves using it. Secondly I don’t have to have the extractor fan going, because of the flumes.

My bathroom is spotless, as it was the second one in this condo. My husband has the en-suite one, that was used by an elderly lady. It was then empty for a couple of years. We moved in earlier this year, and I have tried every rust remover product, mold, mildew, lime remover that I could buy. Nothing worked.

So I have been in my husband’s bathroom, and opened the jar. Took out the sponge that came with it. Used warm water on the sponge, and then rubbed the product with it. I then applied it to the rust area, around…

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  1. You won’t be disappointed. You are going to save on so many product that you used to buy. The cloth is amazing. Whenever it gets dirty, wash it, and it works great too. My 6 month old one is still shining everywhere.

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