ANGVNS Womens Long Sleeve V-Neck Casual Straight Shift True Wrap Formal Dress

When I go out in the evenings I like to look like a million dollars.  I used to say ‘Movie Star’ but not anymore, after some of the sites we see.  So  when I had a chance to get the ANGVNS Womens Long Sleeve V-Neck Casual Straight Shift True Wrap Formal Dress, I ordered it immediately.

When it arrived, I tried it on, and the small fits me perfectly.  I loved it so much that I wore it to a dance that night.  The photos are of me trying it on, and modeling it for my husband.

It is made of lycra, cotton and polyamide.  It is fairly thick, and having sleeves, makes it a dress that can be formal, as well as for cooler weather.

I put it on, and looped the tie through the hole, and then brought it to the back.  I did the old fashioned double loop bow, so it sat nicely, at my waist.  The length was at the top of my knee.  The V neck opened a little too much for me as I would be dancing, so I got a tiny safety pin, and secured it inside.  That gave me cleavage, but not too much.

The dress is washable, or you can have it dry cleaned.

Now I have 2 ‘little black dresses’, that will see me through any occasion.

I received this dress at a discounted price, so that I could ‘model’ it, which I so love doing.  I am writing a review, because that’s what I do.  These are my own words.



  1. Very chic, Susie! I’ve seen wrap dresses online but never tried one. Now I will, thanks to you. Amazon knows me so well, they’ll probably send it by drone. 🙂


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