Valkit iPad Pro 9.7 Sleeve Case, Universal 10 inch Sleeve, Top Best 10.1 inch Felt Sleeve Bag

My husband has a couple of smartphones, a laptop, desktop, and also 2 small tablets that we can’t find.  As we have been giving so much stuff away, we didn’t buy each

other Christmas presents, so he wanted a 10 inch tablet.  After buying it, I wanted to get him a sleeve for it.  That’s when I saw the Valkit iPad Pro 9.7 Sleeve Case, Universal 10 inch Sleeve, Top Best 10.1 inch Felt Sleeve Bag.

It is a ‘Portable Carrying Protective Case For iPad Air iPad 2 3 4 Air 2 iPad Pro 9.7 Android 10.1 Tablet’.  The tablet we have is an android, and it fits perfectly.

The sleeve is brown, but I would call if fawn, or light brown.  It is PU leather, and looks really smart.  It has a metallic closure, so you don’t have to press anything.  It just closes on it’s own.

Once opened, you can see the credit card, or business card holder.  Then behind it is the sleeve.  The tablet fits perfectly in it.  There was a piece of packaging foam in it, when I opened it, and I left it in there.  My husband puts the tablet in, with the back of it touching the foam, and the screen, next to the felt.  Having it next to the felt, it won’t scratch the screen.  However, you can certainly take the foam out, and not use it.  We just chose to have the added protection.

This is a perfect fit, and we are really delighted with it.  There is also a loop on the front, where you can put a stylus, if you use one.

My husband tends to lay things down, and this will never happen, now that he has the sleeve.  Also it protects the tablet against dust, and spills, when it is not being used.

I am seriously thinking about getting a tablet, and if I do, this will be the sleeve that I buy for it.  It also comes in black, and blue.  You can check them out by clicking the link below.

I received this item at a discounted price, for me to test it, and I opted to write a review.  In no way was I influenced to write a positive review on it.



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