I would love to attempt a marathon

This week I am at the beach, and walk throughout the day.  My best day a few years back was 42,000 steps, which was around 19 and a half miles.

Since my husband health has deteriorated, I walk for an hour, come and check on him, and then walk again.  I still manager 100 miles in a week, but would love to attempt a marathon.

I can’t see any way of doing it, but wouldn’t it be great to try.  Just once…..



  1. I love your strength and determination Susie. Maybe if you take your walking hour and try running parts of it and building your running endurance that way, it might help you feel like you’ve accomplished some of the steps to running a marathon..

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  2. Sorry to hear about your husband’s illness. Have you though about training on a treadmill? Not the ideal training tool for a Marathon but you could do it while you are home with your husband. Also some core workouts will strengthen your hips and mid area. I wish you the Best!


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