Raking Outdoor Camping Lamp tent Portable Led Lantern Tent Light Hiking Emergency Yellow Bulb for kids children play tent Playhouse Night Lighting 3 mode

This product is a must for every household.  Whether you live in Florida, and get power outages when we have our hurricane season, or other states that get bad weather.  The Raking Outdoor Camping Lamp, portable Led Lantern Light is the neatest product I have seen.

There are 2 in the pack, and the batteries don’t come with it, so you will need 3 AAA ones for each lamp.  I have the yellow lamps.  The top with the hook is black, then there is the yellow part, and the white bulb at the bottom.  The black switch is in the yellow area.  Having a hook on the top, it will fit in a laundry area, closet, in the garage, a tent, a tree house, or anywhere you can think of.  It is water resistant, so using it outside is fine.

It has 3 modes, high, half high, and an SOS.  The lifespan is 100,000 hours.  It is made of plastic.

I have candles, torches, or flashlights as they are called here in America, but I certainly have a need for these Raking Outdoor camping lamps.

I am thinking of keeping one in the vehicle, as a precaution for night driving.  This could be a life saver.

This package of 2 are only $8.99 on Amazon, if you have Prime.  I think that this is a good price.  However, I did receive mine at a discount, and just had to share how much I like them with you.  They come in 3 colors, yellow, green, and blue.


Raking 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Universal Tablets Holder



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