StylnClass PREMIUM Stainless Steel Non Stick Heat Resistant Kitchen Tongs with Silicon Tips SET ( 7inch , 9inch and 12inch ) for Barbeque, Cooking and Grilling  

I have several kitchen tongs, and they tend to be big, and bulky.  When I measured them, they are all 12 inch.  That is why I am very happy to have the StylinClass Professional Kitchen Tongs set.

I adore the 7 inch ones.  They are perfect for putting out appetizers, teacakes, scones, and any small items.  These tongs are great for sharing a salad for 2 people.
The 9 inch ones, I am using more for cooking, but can also be used for baking too.  As they have silicone tips, and great for lifting food off of hot trays.  This is much better than burning your fingers.
The 12 inch ones are big enough for grilling, cooking meat, and even for picking up slices of pizza.  They are a perfect size when you have a party, and are cooking/baking it quantity.
They are stainless steel, with silicone tips, which means that you can use them in non-stick pots, and pans.  They are BPA free, and Eco friendly.  All 3 tongs come in the locked position, and to open them up, all you have to do is push in the O ring at the end of them.  When you want to put them in a drawer, or hang them up, just pull the O ring out, and they close tight.
You really can’t hurt yourself with these tongs, unless you poked yourself in the eye with them, so are really safe for anyone to use.  The quality is excellent, and they are not heavy, or cumbersome.
Just wash them as you would any other kitchen item, either in the dishwasher, or by hand.
I absolutely adore the baby ones.  I want to play with them all the time, and try more uses for them
I did receive these tongs for free, and as I love writing reviews, I couldn’t help but do a positive one, as they are so cute.



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