CHGeek Car Cup Charger, USB Car Charger 12V/24V Multi Function Car Power Adapter with Dual USB Ports 3.1A + 2-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter for iPhone iPad, Android Samsung, GPS, Dashcam – CH07

I do all the driving, so when we go travelling, I need to have my phone with me.  If I am using the G.P.S., then I want it charging.  My husband has a tablet, as well as smartphones, so it’s good to have a charging station for him too.

The ChGeek car up charger, has 2 USB slots, that  will work with smartphones, tablets, dashcams, and many more items you need charging.  Having the 2 socket cigarette lighter gives you 4 outlets for charging.

The unit is one piece, is black, smooth, and sleek.  It sits really well in the front cup holder, and it’s easy to plug it into the vehicle’s cigarette holder.  This can stay in place, so you don’t have to keep pushing and pulling, whenever you need it.

It is made of high quality fireproof materials, and this is what I found on the website: ‘Low Voltage Alarm] — Compact design with LED display monitoring your car battery. When car voltage is less than 12V, warning with flashing number on the display ‘

It also has a ‘Built-in replaceable fuse 10 amps and protective circuits, high quality components prevent the product or your devices from overheating or overloading. Charging will stop automatically when battery is full.’

I really like this product, as I don’t have leads everywhere , it is a quality product, sturdy, and goes well with our new vehicle.  I can see me getting years of use out of it.

I received this item at a discounted price, and chose to write a review about it.

USB Type C Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 Technology USB-C Car Adapter w/ Type-C 3.1 Cord Cable




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