ANACCI Portable Home Gym Fitness Equalizer Best Quality Suspension Straps Adjustable Total Body Workout Weight Training Chest Workout Kit

As you will know by now I am a gym rat.  I go 7 days a week, and have been known to go twice in a day.  I do boxing/kick boxing, Zumba classes, lifting weights, and circuit training.  I also like working out at home, so was happy to receive the ANACCI Portable Home Gym Fitness Equalizer Best Quality Suspension Straps Adjustable Total Body Workout Weight Training Chest Workout Kit.

Yesterday it was a cold rainy day, in Florida, and I really didn’t want to leave the house.  My husband had already set out the Suspension Straps, over the top of a door for me, so I was all set to try them out.  It was so simple, and took less than a minute.

I read the Anacci body weight trainer setup and training guide, which gives you:

How to 1 attach to the door?  How do I place my feet in the foot cradles?  About train safe?  About program instructions?  About training program?

I really wanted to see how to use it, so went on YouTube,  and found this brilliant video for first time uses:

The equipment was the same, and she went through everything I needed to know.  We did stretching, and then exercised, and cooled down.

I did some great squats, and upper body exercises.  Then onto the floor to do the plank, an exercise where my knees were bent, and hips off the floor, just to name a couple.

I had my husband take a bunch of photos, because the only ones I took were to show you, from laying on the ground.

I really love the suspension.  You can do so much more, bring your feet in, and almost lay backwards.  It even helps you with balance, as I would never be able to do exercises on one leg.  I love the photo of me with a one legged squat.  I pride myself on great squats, but this is so much better.

The video lasted around 25 minutes, and probably 15 of that was the basic workout.  On completion, my heart rate was up, my body felt as if it had been working out, and as good as an hour, in the gym.

I still plan on going to the gym, and doing what I love, but will also come home, and use the  ANACCI Portable Home Gym Suspension Straps, for a Total Body Workout.  I can see after a week or so, that I will be able to do the exercises without the video, or go onto a more advanced one.

I can take it with me when I go on vacation, and use it in our timeshare apartment.  There are also extension links in the box, that can be used with it, or outdoors on a tree, frame, etc.

The product is excellent quality, and I feel totally safe, allowing it to take my weight.  It comes in light green, orange, military green, sapphire, and yellow.

I have since done my own video on setting up the ANACCI Suspension Straps  and hope that you enjoy it. 


I did receive this product for free, and have fully tested it out.  The review is exactly what I thought of it, and no way biased.



  1. I have the TRX system in my home gym, I need to put it to use more often. I’m more of a strength and power lifter but do need other techniques to round out my physique.

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  2. Oh wow! This looks awesome. I’m an apartment gym rat: I own an elliptical and weight set so I have no excuse for not working out. I think this will get added to my personal gym soon.

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