If only my dream dress fitted me, or I got some customer service from Grace Karin.

I was ecstatic with joy to find out that I was going to receive a dress, from the Grace Karin collection.  They were giving them away for free, and all you had to do was pay shipping and handling.  I just checked on it, and it was $13.98, but I was going to get a dress that retailed at over $300.

I am 109 pounds, and take a U.S. size 2 or 4.  So I ordered the size 4.  When it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it on.  I undid the zipper that goes up to the waist, and pulled it on.  I asked my husband to zip me up, and then lace the top of it.  He couldn’t zip it up to the waist, and there was a gap.  This meant that there was no way he was going to lacer the back for me.

I have never owned a dress like this, and was so disappointed. I immediately went online, and messaged Grace Karin, and also private messaged the lady that helped me through the process.  This was January 22nd.  I have been sending messages for help, every other day, but no replies from either.

If I ordered a too small a size for me, then I know it’s my fault, but all I was asking was, if anything could be done.  I haven’t worn it, and was hoping that I could send it back, pay a fee, and shipping, and handling, to get a larger size.  I think I would need a size 8, seeing how tiny this is for me.

Customer service is everything for me, having owned a restaurant.  When you can’t get a reply, even if it was to say that they couldn’t help me, I would have accepted it.  I have given them long enough, so now needed to let you know the lack of communication from Grace Karin.



  1. Totally agree about customer service. While I don’t shop at Nordstroms, a customer service trainer told a story about a manager at a Nordstroms that was summoned to a cashier when a woman wanted to return a set of tires her husband had purchased. The manager looked at the receipt, gave the lady the money, and she went happily on her way. The manager simply returned the tires to the right store on his way home that night. That’s customer service.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  2. I think that I would try to get in touch with them by phone…although it appears that they are located in Hong Kong! It sounds like the dress was sized incorrectly…maybe it is a zero. Such a shame because it really looks like a pretty dress! If i couldn’t get in touch with the company, I would take it to a alteration person and see if they can figure out something!!

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  3. Shame about the dress. It looks nice and I know it would’ve looked great on you. And shame about the service. Customer service is everything to me given that I work in a library.

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  4. I started shopping online at Walmart.com instead of going to the Walmart that is close to our house because of their employees and customer service which were rude, disrespectful and ungrateful. I now get great customer service online from them along with respect and my items delivered right to my door. I had a couple of items received in glass that broke and ruined my other grocery items package with them but gave them a call and told them I would not bring the items to the Walmart store because of the employees there. The customer service lady replaced my order and shipped it to me with it arriving two days later and told me to discard all the items in my box in the trash. They made me feel appreciated and apologized for the lack of training the employees that pack and ship the orders for them. That is what I call customer service.

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