Majestic Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 30ml – Anti Aging Moisturizer

I use anti aging products every day on my face, and neck, starting with a cleanser, toner, serum, and a moisturizer.  I really like the Majestic Pure line of products, so was happy to receive the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Majestic pure, 30ml – Anti Aging Moisturizer.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to plump the skin, by bringing more moisture to your skin, and also helps promote more collagen, making the skin look firmer, brighter, and more youthful.  Well, that’s what we are told.

I find that by using this serum twice a day, my skin does feel a little tighter, but I really can’t see any difference.  This seems to happen with the majority of anti-aging products, that I have tried.

I use it as a maintenance product, which means that my wrinkles don’t get any worse, and that is a good thing for me.

It comes in a 1 fluid ounce clear bottle, with a pump action top.  It is 72% organic, contains Vitamin C, and E, as well as green tea.

If you are in your 20’s or 30’s then this may give you excellent results, but as you get older, it is harder for any product to show a huge difference.  I am happy with what it does for me.

I received this product at a discounted price, and have written a review, in my own words.

Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub 12 oz – Natural Exfoliator oand Powerful Body and Facial Scrub.

Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Cream, 87% Organic Fat Burner Cream, 9 Oz – Tight Muscles & Joint and Muscle Pain

ANACCI Wood Gymnastics Rings for the would be athlete in you

I have 2 of the ANACCI gym equipment products already, and have been enjoying using them in my own home.  When I received the ANACCI Wood Gymnastics Rings – Gym Equipment With Durable Adjustable Straps For Dips And Pull Ups – Fitness Workout Trainer – Best Olympic Exercise Rings Build Stronger And Leaner Muscles, I couldn’t wait to open them.

They arrived in a box, in a mesh carrying bag. This contained the 2 wooden gymnastics rings, premium adjustment buckles and straps, and an installation guide.  They are extra wide for a comfortable grip, and are made of high grade birch.  They will hold anyone’s weight up to 881 lbs.

They are beautifully made, and so smooth to the touch.

Now that I am living in the condo, and don’t have our ‘play room’ that was a gym, I really couldn’t find the right place to hang them.  I took them down to my trainer, and he set them up, and was delighted with them.

Not only has he been using them, but taking us all through a routine on them.  I have been given permission to use the video, with one of his clients.

Here it is:

As these are being used in a Professional fitness center, I can tell you they are of the highest quality.  I can’t wait for Wednesday when I go to my personal trainer, do my usual boxing, and then workout on the ANACCI Wood Gymnastics Rings.

I did receive them for free, but as so many of us are getting great pleasure from them, just had to write a review.

ANACCI 10-19 Pcs Resistance Band Set, Superior Exercise Bands

ANACCI Portable Home Gym Fitness Equalizer Best Quality Suspension Straps Adjustable Total Body Workout Weight Training Chest Workout Kit

A big Thank You to Antony

We have been reading one another’s posts for quite some time now, and I have been amazed at his knowledge on, and about WordPress.

So when I started doing videos on YouTube, I was leaving a link in my posts, so that readers could click on it.  Then a recent post, the video itself came up. I was so happy, but didn’t remember what I did differently.  I spent hours trying to figure it out.

Then I emailed Antony, and he got back to me with a simple answer, in language I understood.  Now all my videos are showing up, and I feel that they are the center of my blog posts.

I personally want to tell you what a great person he is, and if you are not following him, with a WordPress blog, you are missing out.

Here is a link to his blog Antony Agnel


ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar for Computer Desktop Laptop PC

ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar for Computer Desktop Laptop PC is a perfect addition, when you need more sound for your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

My Windows 10 has amazing sound, but my husband’s Windows 8 is sadly lacking.

This sound bar is so easy to set up.  You have your laptop switched on, and plug it into the USB port, and put the green connector into the audio output hole.  Turn the round switch at the end of the sound bar, and our room was filled with loud music.  The quality of the sound is excellent.

That is it, so simple that even this non technical lady, can set it up.

The bar has a great design, is smooth, has legs so that it can stand securely, and a perfect addition to add to your sound experience.

From the website page: The headphone jack that allows users to enjoy audio from their favorite games, music and movies.

So this is my husband’s favorite product right now.  He loves Patsy Cline, Susan Boyle, and some opera.  This allows him to get the full experience.

Here is a video I did on YouTube so that you can hear the sound quality

I received this product for free, and decided to write my own review, of it.

SIVNN Ultra Bright 430 Lumens LED Handheld Flashlight With IPX5 Water Resistant And 5 Light Modes For Indoors And Outdoors for only $5.99

We had a power outage the other evening, which didn’t last long, so that’s when I like a LED lantern, or flashlights in every room.  We have thrown away, all the old type, because the light that they put out, is pitiful compared to the new LED ones.

The SIVNN Ultra Bright 430 Lumens LED Handheld Flashlight With IPX5 Water Resistant And 5 Light Modes For Indoors And Outdoors, is a perfect size.  As you can see in the photo, it fits in the average hand.  That means it is small enough to go in a pocket, or purse.

Being water resistant, it is great for being outside.  I forgot to put the garbage can out, and it was raining so heavy, that the flashlight gave me great depth, and I knew that the rain wouldn’t damage it.

The FIVE LIGHT MODES: 3 Brightness Levels, Tactical Security design with Disrupter Strobe and SOS Function.

It takes 3 AAA batteries, and will work for up to 4 hours, on a set of these.  From the website:  High-quality LED bulb delivers consistent, optimum performance throughout 80000 hours of use.

Right now the price of the SIVNN flashlight is $5.99 if you have Amazon Prime.  Batteries are not included, but I picked mine up in the Dollar Store, for a buck.

I received this product at a discounted price, and decided to write a review about it.  I would have written the same review if I had paid the $5.99 for it.



Naggoo Clearance Sale! Women’s Classic Short Coat Slim Bomber Jacket

You know those days when it is cool in the morning, and the temperatures are going to soar during the day?  That’s when the Naggoo Women’s Classic Short Coat Slim Bomber Jacket is perfect.

Today was one of those days.  My girlfriend picked me up at 9.30, and there was still a chill in the air.  We went walking, and within 30 minutes the sun was out, and the temperature was up to 70.  I took off the jacket, and as it is so thin, was able to wrap it around my waist to continue walking.

The sizes do run small, so you may need to check the sizing, on the Amazon link below.  It is made of polyester and a cotton blend, has front pockets, and also one on the left sleeve.  It has a front zipper that goes right up to the neckline.

It comes in 3 colors, black, Army green, and red.  This is a clearance product so not all sizes are available.  The price is $7.99 and if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.

I love this jacket, and it’s perfect to leave in our vehicle, as you never know when you will need it.

I received this jacket at a discounted price, and chose to write a review about it.


iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support,Workout Gym Fitness Cross Gloves for Men & Women

I use gloves all the time in the gym, either boxing gloves, or weight lifting ones.  I particularly wanted the iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap Support, Workout Gym Fitness Cross Gloves for Men & Women, because they have a wrist wrap on them.

This means that I don’t have to wear both.  I have to really protect my right wrist, as it’s been broken twice, and has a titanium plate, steel rod, and several screws in it.

Even if I am not lifting weights, I still put stress on my wrists, when using ab, arm, shoulder, and other machines.

These gloves are very feminine, and that’s why I chose them.  They have several different colors, so you don’t have to go this route.  They are really well made, with excellent quality materials.

They have tabs on the fingers and thumb, so that you can pull them  off easily.  The palms have gel padding, which gives a great grip, and helps to protect your hand.  The back is mesh, and breathable material, while the wrist band is strong, and has Velcro so that you can have it as tight as you want.  A nice little extra is the terry cloth on the back of the thumb, so you can use it to wipe away any sweat.

I got small, which is a perfect fit for me.  The sizing chart is on the Amazon website below.

It you would like to get a free pair of gloves, here is a link for you  You don’t have to write a review, or do any feedback on them.  What a lovely gift for someone, and they will think you spent a lot of money on them.

I received my free glove, and as you can see from above, didn’t have to write a review.  I love them so much, that I just had to share this with my friends, and followers.

iiSPORT Weightlifting Belt, 8 Inch Back Support Powerlifting Belt Strap for Weight Lifting, Squats, Lunges, Deadlift, Thrusters – Heavy Duty Gym Belt for Men and Women

ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bags MMA

This is my new favorite product.  The ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bags MMA.

First off, it is not boring black, like most balls, and it’s not the shape of a ball.  I think it makes it kind of special, and a talking point.

I took it down to my trainer, he set it up in his training facility, and then both of us worked with it.  He told me it was a great product, and I actually prefer it to the one I use, in the gym.  It is a little heavier, so doesn’t come back quite as quick, and hit me.

I have it set up in my condo, where we found a wooden area, and screwed in a big ring.  Then attached the top of the loop to it.  On the floor we put several metal weights, and then got webbing with a metal locking clip, and secured it to the floor.

I have it in a really large closet with the double doors open, so you can find a space anywhere, to have it in.  I jab, jab, punch, and it comes back to me.  It is a great workout, and I don’t have to have my husband holding pads, or be at the gym all the time.

I will still do my boxing twice a week in the sweat room, but can do the odd 15 minutes at home, whenever I want to.  It is set up, and all I have to do is box.

If you have Amazon Prime, it is HALF PRICE, at just $9.99.  It is made of PU leather, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in working out.  Ladies, this is perfect for you, and so much fun.  The ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bag is the only workout that makes me sweat.

I received this product at a discounted price, and my review on this product is totally my own.

This is my video of it.


Exfoilate your face without having to use a mask, or mud pack, with the Kingdom Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Updated this early one with photos, categories, and tags.


I cleanse my face twice a day, but never sure how well I have done it. I always use a quality cleanser, water, and a cotton ball. So when I had the chance to get a Kingdom Electric Facial Cleansing Brush with, 3 Speed Settings, which is Cordless, and has a USB Charging system, I was happy. It is a waterproof design, and it comes in baby pink.

First off, it is a quality product, and feels very comfortable in your hand. You need to plug in the USB for up to 16 hours for a charge. I think mine was around 12 hours, and it worked great.

I wet my face, and the brush. I then applied some of my cleanser to the brush, and pressed the clean button. It goes onto the lowest power, you can press it again for the next one, and once more to get…

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Majestic Pure Vitamin C Serum for Face and Neck with L-ascorbic Acid, 1 fl oz – Sun Damage, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Wrinkles and Skin Brightening Serum

Over the years I have written thousands of reviews, and probably 50 on anti-aging serums.  I test each one, and rarely go back to outdate them.  The reason being, that my skin may remain the same, but I don’t feel, or see an improvement.

I received the Majestic Pure Vitamin C Serum for Face and Neck with L-ascorbic Acid, 1 fl. oz. – Sun Damage, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Wrinkles and Skin Brightening Serum, and have been using it twice a day, and already have noticed how it tighten my skin.

This happened on the first application.  I need the plumping around my mouth, more than the eyes, and immediately I apply it, I can see the change.  In photos it really doesn’t show up, but looking closely the lines fill slightly, and my mouth doesn’t look so drawn in.

I have so many Vitamin C Serums, most have hyaluronic acid, and this one has L – ascorbic Acid, as well as many oils.  For the complete list of ingredients go to the link posted below.

I have put my other serums to the side, and am concentrating on using this one.  I will update this review, if it continues to impress me.

I received this serum at a discounted price, and wanted to write a review about it.

Majestic Pure Arabica Coffee Scrub, 12 Oz – Natural Body Scrub for Skin Care, Stretch Marks, Acne, and so much more.

Majestic Pure Anti Cellulite Cream, 87% Organic Fat Burner Cream, 9 Oz – Tight Muscles & Joint and Muscle Pain

Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil, All Natural Scrub to Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin