It’s hard to resist the temptation.

Sometimes life gets difficult, and we have to resist doing the wrong thing.  The doctor hasn’t allowed my husband to drive since December of 2,015, and this is a constant problem.

When he tells me he is going to drive, and I know that it could get nasty, I just say ‘No’, and walk into another room, or go into the garden.  If I stay I may say something I would regret, and I love him too much, to do that.

Stop, think, and resist saying what you really want to say, when it can hurt someone else.  It gets really hard to do so, as this has been going on for over a year now, but what else can a wife do, when she wants to protect her husband’s life, and the life of others.




  1. Wonderful post!!! What a loving and caring message. It really touched my heart to hear of your need to “Resist” the impulse to speak and your desire and determination to remain silent instead!! Wise and sage advice and a very worthy goal for all of us to “not hurt the ones we love”. It’s hard to have to use Tough Love and only hope that your loved one knows it is coming from your love of them and others as you say. There is something about driving and men that makes it hard to give up the keys. We had that problem with my Dad. Blessings to you and your husband and hopes of many more “Happy Days”.

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  2. Yes, I think that is one of those Catch 22 situations – can’t win for losing?? You need to trust yourself that you are doing what is best, despite the “feedback”. The “can’t win for losing” reminds me of a scene from an old Dick Van Dyke show episode where he comes home and is met at the door by his wife (the late Mary Tyler Moore) who is sobbing uncontrollably, when he asks, “Honey, what’s wrong?”. Her reply is the ultimate Catch 22 in my book – “Well, if you don’t know, I’m sure not going to tell you!”
    Have a great week.

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