After a long night, last night, I have resolved the dress problem

20170202_094341I finally got a private message back from the lady at Grace Karin.  I think the only reason I got that, was that she is a friend of mine on Facebook, and read my article from 2 days ago.

I went over the details of it not fitting my waist, when I gave her my measurements, she suggested I order a size 14.  Then to purchase a custom made one.  I really wasn’t getting anywhere with her.  She suggested that I give it away to a friend, and then they would give me 60% off another dress.  Again I said that if I order a larger size it would be too big on the bust, and hips.

We started this conversation at 7.48 p.m. my time, and just before 11 p.m., I was getting nowhere, so I left this message: ‘I don’t know anyone in America with that small a waist. Everyone calls me skinny. I will have to give it to a charity shop. With your sizing I can’t buy a dress from you, because it will always be too big on the bust, and hips, if I get the waist right.’

This morning I got up, showered, washed my hair, and picked up the dress.  I thought I would try it one more time.  I turned the dress backwards, so the back was in the front.  I started the zipper, and held the waist area.  I was able to zip it to the waist.  I turned the dress so the front, and pulled it up over the top of me.  I couldn’t lace the back, and we had a busy morning ahead of us, so didn’t get it laced up.  Now I know that I could go to a girlfriend’s house, and have her get me into the dress.

I can’t tell you how happy I am.  If only I hadn’t given up so easily, when my husband told me, no way would it fit me, and that it didn’t even meet together.

So, they still have really bad customer service, but I do have my dress, and will wear it one  of these days.

Here is the link to my first review: If only my dream dress fitted me, or I got some customer service from Grace Karin.




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