Awareness of your surroundings is so important.

This used to be for women, and children, but with the violence we now have anywhere in the world, everyone needs to be more careful.

My husband is a black belt at judo, and I do boxing, and kickboxing, but neither of those would help us, if someone had a gun.

My thoughts, that also go into print, are that everyone should be aware of the conditions around them.  Are they on their own?  Is it dark?  Are they in a strange place? Are there several people around, or just the odd one?

The list could go on, but all I want to stress is that, everyone is vulnerable, and I ask you all to be safe.




  1. Great post! I take a martial art called Combat Hapkido. I’m in class about 6 hours a week. We learn how to perceive our surroundings, disarm weapons (including guns), and how to manipulate pressure points. In today’s dangerous world, self defense is a valuable skill, especially for women. Plus it makes me feel badass and is great exercise/stress relase. 😀

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