Get your FREE iiSPORT lifting gloves, and it’s my birthday too.

What more could you ask for, but a free product.  I have already received my pair of iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves, and been using them for a couple of months now.

Being my birthday, and Valentine’s day too, I figured I would share the link with you, so that you can apply for free ones.  I did have to wait a few days, because they only give away ten a day, but it is certainly worth it, and NO, you don’t have to write a review.  You might like to leave them a ‘Thank you’ on your blog, after receiving them, as I know that anything we do to promote their products, is appreciated.  Here is the link:

Enjoy Valentine’s day, whether it’s with your sweetheart, or going out with friends.

Love my iiSPORT Weight Lifting Gloves.



  1. Hi Susie,
    Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day too! A double celebration day? That seems really great on its face for sure, but is it really??? Isn’t that kind of like having your birthday on Christmas?? I think you need to get a raincheck for one of those celebrations! LOL! Come visit – Soulmates (Valentine’s Day Reflections)

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