Natural Fabric Softener Healthy Organic XL 6 Pack Wool Dryer Balls to the Core Perfect for Shorten Drying Time

I have been using dryer balls for several months now, and find that they work great in the dryer.  There are only 3 of them, and they are the size of an egg.

The Natural Fabric Softener Healthy Organic XL 6 Pack Wool Dryer Balls to the Core Perfect for Cloth Diapers, Non-Toxic, No Static, Shorten Drying Time, are at least 3 times bigger, and there are 6 of them.

I have been trying to make my home more energy efficient, with light bulbs, extra insulation in the roof, new windows, and doors, and figure that shortening the time of the dryer, is a further saving.

These balls work great, and having more, and being bigger, I have noticed that my laundry doesn’t take as long.  There are No Chemicals or Synthetics Used in them, and they have essential oil in them, which makes the clothes smell great.  Being non-static too, is great for my underwear.

I really do like natural products, and using these, I don’t need to keep buying dryer sheets, or liquid.  I don’t know how long they last, and will ask a question of the seller.  I will then add this information to my post.

I received this product at a discounted price, and chose to write a positive review. I was under no obligation to do so.




  1. I read about these awhile back and thought they would cut back on the waste of dryer sheets, although I like the scent of dryer sheets. I like the idea of an essential oil. I read they last years. Thanks for sharing the review!

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  2. I don’t use dryer sheets as I find them to be too scented. These look like they might fill a nice gap with a bonus of cutting back on dryer time.

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