ANACCI 10-19 Pcs Resistance Band Set, Superior Exercise Bands

Resistance Bands are the perfect product to use at home.  We have some really old ones, that have stretched over the years, so I couldn’t wait to try out the ANACCI 10-19 Pcs Resistance Band Set, Superior Exercise Bands with Foam Handles, Door Anchor, Ankle Straps, Chest Expander, Workout Guide and Carry Bag, for Fat Burning & Full Body Strengthening.,

The set comprises of 1 each yellow band (2 -4  lbs.) – blue (4 – 6 lbs.) – green (10-12 lbs.) – black (15- 20 lbs.) – red (25-30 lbs.).  The soft grips handles, a door anchor, 2 ankle straps, and carrying bag, and a 4 page exercise guide.

This is a really good set for anyone.  If you are new to exercise, then you can start off with the yellow, and blue bands.  The exercise guide, not only shows you exercises, but also gives you in depth details,  about how resistance bands work.  It then has pictures of different exercises.  Then it goes onto using resistance band exercises for your upper body.  The final page shows examples of using the door anchor, and what exercises work best with it.  It also has legs, stomach, chest, arms, shoulders, and back.  It that isn’t enough, they even has a support email address for questions, and comments.

My husband likes to exercise sitting down, so has the band under his feet, while lifting his arms up, and back.  I tend to do standing, laying on the floor, and also kneeling.

I have been using the green, and black, because I already have muscle mass, and want to continue making it.  They are great for lifting, lunges, and pretty much any muscles that you want to work.

They are really sturdy, come with a 2 year warranty, and 100% Money Back Guarantee!   So whether you do Yoga, Pilates, or want to stack them together, these will fit anyone’s workout.

I received this product for free, and have been testing it for over a week.  I even took it down to my trainer, and he was impressed at the quality of them.

ANACCI Portable Home Gym Fitness Equalizer Best Quality Suspension Straps Adjustable Total Body Workout Weight Training Chest Workout Kit

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