Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub 12 oz – Natural Exfoliator oand Powerful Body and Facial Scrub.

I use all kinds of beauty products, to help improve my looks.  One of these is the Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub 12 oz – Natural Exfoliator and Powerful Body and Facial Scrub for Anti Cellulite Treatment, Stretch Marks, Acne, and Varicose Veins.

I like the salt, coffee ones, and now have brown sugar too.  It’s just like walking into a toffee factory, with this wonderful caramel smell.  The body/facial scrub needs to be opened, and used when you are in the shower, or over a basin.

This Majestic Pure Brown Sugar Scrub, tastes great.  I know you are not supposed to taste it, but I use my scrubs, all over my face and body, and I have been known to get it on my lips, then lick them.

It is really moist, with the carrier and essential oils, so works well on wet skin.  Some will fall off, so be aware of that.  It feels wonderful, and like being in candy heaven.  Once rinsed off, the skin feels soft.  It is suggested that you use a moisturizer afterwards.

Scrubs help with cellulite, stretch marks, acne, varicose veins, brightening skin, and removing dead skin cells.  This product is 100% pure, and natural.

My skin is always soft, and I really don’t have any cellulite, I do have wrinkles, but nothing will get rid of those, apart from a face lift, which I would never have.  I am used to my ‘laughter lines’ now.

I received this product at a discounted price, and chose to write a review about it.


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