ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar for Computer Desktop Laptop PC

ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar for Computer Desktop Laptop PC is a perfect addition, when you need more sound for your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

My Windows 10 has amazing sound, but my husband’s Windows 8 is sadly lacking.

This sound bar is so easy to set up.  You have your laptop switched on, and plug it into the USB port, and put the green connector into the audio output hole.  Turn the round switch at the end of the sound bar, and our room was filled with loud music.  The quality of the sound is excellent.

That is it, so simple that even this non technical lady, can set it up.

The bar has a great design, is smooth, has legs so that it can stand securely, and a perfect addition to add to your sound experience.

From the website page: The headphone jack that allows users to enjoy audio from their favorite games, music and movies.

So this is my husband’s favorite product right now.  He loves Patsy Cline, Susan Boyle, and some opera.  This allows him to get the full experience.

Here is a video I did on YouTube so that you can hear the sound quality

I received this product for free, and decided to write my own review, of it.



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