Brooklyn Bamboo Kitchen Dish Hand Towels SOFT, Absorbent More Durable Than Cotton Beautiful 3Pc Set Unique, Hypoallergenic

I truly adore these extra large, super absorbent dish hand towels, from Brooklyn Bamboo.  As you can see from the photo of my regular ones, that are smaller, thinner, and a bit on the scratchy side, compared to these that are plush, and could be used as face towels.

I love the color combination of them, but there are other colors if you want to match with you kitchen décor.  Being hypoallergenic, organic, and anti fungal, why wouldn’t you switch to them.

My husband was doing the dishes, and started drying with the regular store bought ones, and I switched him over halfway through, and he finished up using this thick, soft, absorbent one.  His answer to me was, “We might as well use the other ones as cleaning rags”.  So if my husband likes them too, that is the best advertisement I can give them.

They also come in green, red, and yellow, and I am thinking of getting a set of green, for my bathroom.  The color would be perfect, and they are softer than my hand towels.

They can also be used as a gym towel, but I think they are too nice, to be used for wiping sweat off of me.

I received these at a discounted price, and couldn’t wait to write a review, because I want everyone to know how great they are.



  1. These look really good. May sound odd but I would like something like this for drying my horses after he has a bath. He has one every day after being ridden in the Florida heat and an absorbent towel would be a bonus.

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