PrivateCam Anti Spy Webcam Privacy Cover for Computer & Smartphone


In this day and age we live in, we have to be so careful about protecting ourselves.  That is why I wanted the PrivateCam Anti Spy Webcam Privacy Cover for computers and Smartphones.  A low profile camera lens cover for cyber security.  It is an essential accessory for Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pc, Android, external laptop webcams and more.

So now I have a tiny cover for my laptop, and phone.  I have also done the same for my husband’s ones.  You really can’t feel the adhesive on the back, but it pushes on, and stays.  Then if I want to take a ‘selfie’, I slide it over, take my photo, and then push it back.  I have removed it several times, and it sticks right back on.

There are 6 on the card.  3 white background, and 3 black.  They are slightly raised, but not enough to interfere with cases, or lids.

After someone skimming my credit card yesterday, I assume at the garage, and trying to buy on with my number, for a pick up, I want to do my best not to get my cam hacked.  This will ensure ultimate privacy.

I received this product at a discount, but honestly think that $9.95 Amazon Prime price, is well worth peace of mind.



  1. It’s funny, just the other day I wished something like this existed. Right now, I tear off pieces of sticky-notes and put them over my cameras, but the glue blurs my camera. Thanks for sharing.

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