AnnaLisa Aloe Vera Cotton Rounds (Dry Pads) 120 Count

20170302_13395720170302_133940I love all the AnnaLisa Cotton Rounds, and was so pleased to get the Aloe Vera ones too.  As I stated in my other reviews, the quality is exceptional, and there is no way that these won’t work for you.

They are 100% combed cotton pads, that are lint free, so there is no fleecing.  They are all natural, chemical free, and biodegradable.  They have the ridge side for taking off makeup or nail polish, and the smooth side for using will moisturizers, etc.  They are soft, and really big.  Having Aloe Vera is also good for your skin.

I really like all the product line that AnnaLisa have, and will continue using this brand from now on.  You can see the other products, as I have added the links below.

I received these at a discounted price, and wrote a review, because I wanted to share my experience with you.

AnnaLisa Argan Oil Cotton Pads (120 Count)

AnnaLisa Premium Cotton Pads, 240 Count (3 pack of 80)


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