Reharock Compression Knee Sleeve Support for activities, and pain.

As I am at the gym every day, and do all kinds of workouts, it’s not surprising that I have a meniscus tear of my right knee.

I have a couple of lightweight knee sleeves that haven’t helped, but glad that I have 2 that are really good.  The Reharock Compression Knee Sleeve Support for Running, Cross fit, Basketball, Joint Pain Relief, Knee Brace for Meniscus, ACL & Tendonitis, Arthritis and Injury Recovery-Single Wrap is one of them.

I ordered the I am 110 lbs., and it still fitted, even though my knee is swollen.  I have been using ice, then the compression sleeve, which helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.

My leg feels so much better.  In the beginning I couldn’t turn my knee at all, and now the pain is almost gone, and I can turn it slowly.  I am thinking in a week or two it should be back to normal.

From the website: ‘GRADUATED COMPRESSION 3D Design applies graduated compression without restraining your movement and without blood clots risk. Provides the necessary warmth and improves the blood circulation and muscular recovery’

These stay in place, and feel really tight, which allows me to continue  boxing, Zumba, lifting weights while keeping my knee safe.  The only things I won’t do are squats, and lunges, until it is fully healed.

I received this product at a discounted price, and so wanted to let everyone know how well it works for me.


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