Chef Remi Cheese Grater with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty

I have 2 kinds of cheese graters, the old fashioned one that you hold the end, and rub the cheese on it.  With this type cheese goes everywhere, and you can also grate your knuckles, if you are careless.  The other one, is where you put your cheese in a plastic area, close it up, and turn the handle.  This kind only grates a small amount of cheese, and I end up eating all the lumps, that don’t get grated.

Therefore I was delighted to try the Chef Remi Cheese Grater – Lifetime Replacement Warranty – Best Food Grater for Hard & Soft Cheeses, Ginger, Vegetables. Zest Your Lemon, Orange, Nuts and Chocolate When Baking. Fine/Coarse Grates Inc.

It comes with a course, and a fine grater, which both fit on top of the container, for easy storage.  Once you open the container, put the grater on top, and all the cheese, or whatever you are grating, will go into the area below.  Then if you don’t want to use it straight away, you put the lid back on, until you are ready.

I love this product, and haven’t seen any others like it.  It can be used for so many foods, and also zesting.  I also love that it has a lifetime replacement warranty.  What more could you ask for in a product.  Right now it is offered for Amazon Prime members at just $10, a saving of 60%.



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