Slicing any kind of melon is easy, with the Kooder Watermelon Slicer

Another one of my early reviews, that needs some love.


My girlfriend buys watermelons all the time while they are in season. There are four of them, in her household that eat them, so I wanted to get a Kooder Watermelon Slicer for her. I tend to buy cantaloupe, and honeydews, as my husband doesn’t eat melon, and it’s only me.

Today I bought a big cantaloupe, and wanted to cut it up, and put it in the fridge for my snacks. I cut the cantaloupe in half, and scooped out most of the seeds. I then used the watermelon slicer to cut slices. I put it in the middle, and pulled it to the edge. The cantaloupe was a little on the ripe side, and with a very thin skin, I did find that, not every slice came out, without a little help from me. However, I did it in half of my normal time.

I wore a protective glove…

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