Avidlove 2017 Women’s Sexy Strappy Floral Push Up 2PCS White Bikini Set Swimsuit

I am 69, and started wearing bikinis again, a couple of years ago, when my working out  showed off a great body.  Even though I was slim, I always wore a swimsuit.  When I saw the Avidlove 2017 Women’s Sexy Strappy Floral Push Up 2PCS White Bikini Set Swimsuit I fell in love with the top.

I had a gorgeous white bikini around 30 years ago, and this reminded me of it.  As you can see in my photos, the top fits perfectly.  It has a wired under-cup, which gives your boobs a nice push up.  The cute circular ‘daisy’ shapes underneath the top, give a plain white bikini top, a fun type of fringe.

The bottom is tiny, and the front of it is fine.  The back of it does show a lot of your bum, which means that I wouldn’t wear it when running, stretching, or anything with a lot of movement on the beach.  It will be great for sitting down, or sun bathing.  If you are slim, and a youngster, then this would be perfect for you.

I go to the beach at least once a month for a few days, and see teenagers, and women, with non matching bikinis.  This means that I can wear the top all the time, and mix it up with different bottoms.

I ordered small, and it fits me fine.  However, I would suggest that you check the size chart on the website, before ordering.

I received this bikini at a discounted price, and wanted to write a review with photos, so that you could see how pretty it is.





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