Liumy LED Flashlight, 2500lm Pocket-Sized Handheld Flashlight, LED Torch,18650/ 26650/ AAA Battery Tactical Flashlight, 5 Modes Adjustable Focus For Outdoors (Camping, Hiking, and Cycling Use)

20170313_130629   I do a lot of walking, and sometimes on my own, so that is why I was happy to test the Liumy LED handheld FlashlightIt is a perfect size to fit in our pocket,  as the size is 1.97 x 5.91 x 1.97 inches.  It comes with a lanyard, for you to hold it, on slip it on your wrist.

This is handy for the home, or in the car.  It is great for an emergency, and has 5 modes, that are Full Brightness, Medium Brightness, Low Brightness, Strobe Brightness, SOS.

It is waterproof, non-slip design, and is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy shell.  It is sturdy, and shockproof .

You can adjust it from a small spot light up to a very large area, by pulling back on the top of the flashlight, where is says ‘Zoom’.

All you have to buy are the batteries, that are not included in it.

I received this item for free, and chose to write a review about it.  For $10.99, and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, I think it is a steal.



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