Meaneor Women’s Sexy Short Sleeve Cold Off Shoulder Lace Trim Strap A-line Mini Dress

For years I was wearing shorts, capris, and trousers in Florida.  Recently I have been wearing dresses, and was delighted to get the Meaneor Women’s Sexy, Short Sleeve, Cold Off Shoulder, Lace Trim Strap, A-line Mini Dress.

You can see in my photos, that I chose the blue, and it is a vivid blue, and looks so cheerful.  I pulled it over my head, and slipped my arms through the straps, and then into the sleeves.  I have never had this style before, but love the way the sleeves are positioned.

The dress is made of :35% Polyester, 65% Cotton, and the colors are black, blue, white, and it states purple, but to me if is a very delicate pink.

I took a stole with me to the dance, and had it around my shoulders.  Each time I got up to dance, I took the stole off.  The dress fitted nice, and tight, around the bust and waist, and then had a sway at the bottom.  It came just above my knees.

The washing instructions are no bleach, low iron, hang dry, and machine wash below 40C.  I put my delicate clothes in the large mesh laundry bags, and they stay perfect, with no snags or tears.  Then I hang them to dry.

Here is my YouTube video, so that you can see how well it is made:


I did received this dress at a discounted price, and chose to do a video, and written review of it. You may be interested in buying it, as the retail price was $80.99, and the Amazon Prime price is $24.99






  1. I was wondering about that the other day. Not sure how to check how much used. Also not sure of cost. My son told me he has a domain if I wanted to get one he would help. He is suppose to come in around two weeks from now. I ask him all those questions cause have no idea myself.


  2. Just messaged him I have only used 1% of mine so far. He sent me link on how to check. He said loading videos on your blog eating up space. Said just leave YouTube link instead.

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  3. I do my review, email it to myself then Copy and paste on WordPress which also post to my Twitter and facebook review page. Then I pin review on my Pinterest on board named Amazon products. I then copy and paste my email and post to my Instagram review page. I do not have a YouTube account or google email for my blog. The email I wanted was already taken.


  4. I thank you Susie. You work hard at staying in shape and once agin you ARE very, very sexy. This parise coming from an older man. 🙂 Thank you for sharing you.

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