WEBSUN Motion Activated Toilet Night Light 8 Color Changing Led Toilet Seat Light

I have been delighted with the toilet seat light in my bathroom, so when I received the WEBSUN Motion Activated Toilet Night Light 8 Color Changing Led Toilet Seat Light, I knew that my husband could have one too.

It is so simple to set up.  All you have to do is put 3 AAA batteries in the unit.  These are not included with purchase.  You are then ready to put it on the rim of your toilet.  The arm bends securely over the edge of the toilet, and you are ready. You can have it set to rotate colors every 15 seconds, or stay permanently on your favorite color for 2 minutes.  It then goes off.

As it is ‘Motion Sensor/Light Sensitive: It only up lights up when it is dark to show you the way when it detects movement and stays on for 2 minutes.’

I find these lights most efficient, and would recommend them to any age group.  From young children, through to the elderly, they make tripping/falling less likely to happen.

I did receive this item for free, but was thinking about buying another one, as I find they do an excellent job.


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