WishWorld Outdoor Christmas Solar String Lights, 21 ft 30 LEDs Waterproof Fairy Globe Lights Decorative Lighting for Garden, Party, Patio, Lawn and Xmas Tree Decorations(Multi-Color)

I am a huge lover of solar string lights, and have a big collection of them.  I keep mine going all year long, so occasionally have to replace them.  That is why I am happy to receive the   WishWorld Outdoor Christmas Solar String Lights,  Waterproof Fairy Globe Lights.

They come on a long string

, which is attached to the solar panel.  All you do is push the 2 pieces of the stake together, and push into the ground.  Find a sunny spot for this.  I have no problem living in Florida.  They take in the sunlight throughout the day, and then light up at dusk, and go off at dawn.

They are waterproof, and safe even for our rainy season.  They are multicolored, and you can set them with the mode button.  This button, and the on/off one, are located at the back of the solar panel.

They couldn’t be easier to set up, and then you can forget about them.  If I come home in the dark, my front garden is lit up with beautiful fairy lights.


Right now you can buy them on Amazon, not $19.99 but $4.99, if you have Prime it is free shipping too.

I received mine at a discounted price, but would be happy to buy them at this amazing price.



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