ZongTeng 60pcs Wonder Clips Perfect for Quilting, Crafters, Crochet, Knitting and Holding Paper, Sewing Clips,Binding Clips of 6 Vibrant Colors

The ZongTeng 60pcs Wonder Clips Perfect for Quilting,Crafters, Crochet, Knitting and Holding Paper, Sewing Clips, Binding Clips of 6 Vibrant Colors are so tiny, but so strong.

They come in all these pretty colors, and you get 60, what a deal.  They can be used for all kinds of crafts, as they flat on the bottom, and don’t leave a mark.

As soon as my husband saw them, he said that he had something that needed to be clipped up, and I said, ‘Would these be big enough’, and he tried it, and it worked perfectly.

I wanted them because I keep lists of my products, and some that come direct from China can take a month or more.  I like to clip the pages that I am still waiting on a product.  They look so much nicer than regular paper clips, and these stay in place, whereas papers can move with the wire paper clips.

The colors are so pretty as you can see in the photos.  The size of them are 2.7 cm x 1 cm.   As they come in strips of ten, I will be keeping a strip in each room.  I can see them holding a bandage while I find the tape to close it, or the little clasp.    

I wrap a small towel around my hair after washing it, and I need a clip to hold it.  As the towel is really thin, these will work for that too.

I am already loving them.

I received them for free, and as you can see by my review, I really love them, and that is why I wanted to write about them.




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