Hikeren Universal PU Leather Car Seat Hand Brake Gap Filler Pad-Black, Brown, White (Set of 3)

The Hikeren Universal PU Leather Car Seat Hand Brake Gap Filler Pad-Black, Brown, White (Set of 3) is the neatest product I have seen in a long time.

We are forever losing items in the car, and they fall between the driver seat and the center console.  As I have smaller hands than my husband, I am the one that gets down on my knees, and hunts for the lost item.

That won’t happen now thanks to this new invention.  It is so simple, that I wish I had thought of it.  We have a black interior in the vehicle, and so I took the black one out into the car, opened the slotted area, and pushed it over the seat belt clip.  I then tucked the rest of the filler, down the gap.

It looks amazing.  It fits really tightly, and no way can anything fall in that area.  This looks as if it is part of the car, and is a great design.

I now have the brown, and white ones left.  I could put them down the passenger side, and also along the front area, but would prefer them to be all black.  I wish that they all could be the same color, that you could chose which ones you wanted.  I am an old fashioned senior and like everything to be matching.

I may well give the white one to my friend, as she has a pale blue vehicle, and light colored seats.  However, I will most likely use the brown one, on my husband’s side.

This product could prevent accidents, as I have seen people bending over while driving, to pick up items that have fallen down.  I would pay the $10,99 just to have the one for the driver’s side.  Safety while driving is priceless.

I received this product at a discounted price, and really wanted to let you know that this type of product is available, for purchase.


Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner, DC 12-Volt 106W Wet & Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner,16.4FT(5M)Power Cord with 2 HEPA Filters,One Carry Bag(Black)



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