Vsecrety Boho Vintage Beach Lace Splice Strappy Halter Bikini Swimsuit

Living in Florida, I tend to need, and wear a lot of swimwear.  That is why I was very happy to receive the Vsecrety Boho Vintage Beach Lace Splice Strappy Halter Bikini Swimsuit in the mail.

This one is perfect for the beach, and I will  be heading there in 10 days, for a long weekend.  It has the usual halter neck top, but then has the pretty lace that comes from the neck down, and is attached to the bikini top.

It has a little padding to give you a smoother look, as well as enhancing your biggest asset.  The bikini has an interlocking catch at the back for extra safety.  Nothing worse that it undoing.

The bottom fits nice and tight, and has the lace, at the sides of the front.  This makes it look a complete set, with lots of thought going through it.

The material is Cotton + Elastane, and comes in the black, or wine red, with the beige/off white lace.  This bikini  is so feminine, and is certainly my style.  I haven’t seen anyone on the beach wearing anything like it.

I received this bikini at a discounted price, and wanted to show it off to you.  It comes in small to extra large.



  1. That’s okay. I used to sunbath in the backyard as a natural sauna. It was so relaxed that I felt asleep. But I can’t do it anymore. I’m thankful to be alive. I know how hard you work for your health!!


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