ANGVNS Women Summer Round Neck Business Working Cocktail Party Bodycon Dress

I have lots of dresses, and wear them for different occasions.  The ANGVNS Women Summer Round Neck Business Working Cocktail Party Bodycon Dress is one that I would feel very comfortable at a business meeting.  Also it would be suitable for church, or anywhere that you like a really smart dress.

The color is black, and apricot, but as you can see in the photos, it is a very pale apricot color.  I would personally say it is a deeper beige, which is very pretty.

It has a round neck, and short sleeves, that finish off the style of the dress.  It comes just below the knee.  I think the design is so unusual, with the back being black, and the front, in the black color, with the apricot swirls.  I know this dress is going to be a talking point with my girlfriends.  It has a good size split up the back, which is great for walking.

It is a quality product, and is made of polyester, and cotton.  I am taking the percentages from the label on the dress, as the amounts do not add up to 100% on the Amazon page.  65% polyester, and 35% cotton.  This gives it a really nice stretch, that makes it feel so comfortable to wear.  It is machine washable on a low, delicate cycle.  It says not to tumble dry, but I find that on a low heat, in a mesh laundry bag, all my dresses come out perfect.

It also comes in black, with the apricot part, being black and white patchwork.

I have no other dress like this, so will really enjoy wearing it.

I received this dress at a discounted price, and wanted to show you how pretty it is, and how well it fits.




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