Diamond Chefs Zester Grater and Lemon Squeezer SPECIAL COMBO, Professional Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer.

I drink water all day long, and love to

have either lemon in it, or lemon juice added to it.  So when I saw the Zester Grater and Lemon Squeezer SPECIAL COMBO, Professional Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer for Home Cooking & Restaurant Chefs, Premium with Silicone Handle & Plastic Cover, Bonus 2 Clean Brushes I had to have it.

The Zester has a safe rubber handle, and the sharp blades of it are protected with clear plastic that clips on it.  This makes it a safe product to use.  It is really simple to zest the lemon, taking far less time than using the older kind.  I put it over a bowl, and didn’t get any mess.

The lemon squeezer has made my round electric one obsolete.  You just put half a lemon in the center of the circle, with the holes at the bottom. Give a really firm push down on it, and the juice comes out the small holes.  The rind, pith, and pips can’t go through these holes, and remain in the center part.

It is really quick to squeeze fresh orange or lemon juice, or whatever fruit you want to use.

It comes with 2 tiny brushes to ensure you get all the zest out of the zester.  Both are dishwasher safe, but I prefer to do mine by hand, with hot water, and a squeeze of washing up liquid.  Ensure that it is dry, and then it can be put away, ready for your next lemon cake/cookies, or whatever you want to make.

These 2 products are extremely well made, and are of Professional quality.  I am proud to have them as part of my kitchen utensils.

I received this set for free, to test them in my own home, and chose to write a review about them.  Having owned a restaurant I know that these will last for years.



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