One Elevated Vital Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement with Organic Booster, Mango-Peach Flavor, 270 Grams

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t workout.  Therefore I need to both fuel my body as well as using a pre-workout supplement.  That is why I have been using the Vital Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement with Organic Booster, Mango-Peach Flavor, 270 Grams.

I really have to be careful what ones I use, because many have given me shaking in my stomach, made me throw up, and given me a headache.

I am 5 ft 6 inches, weigh 110 lbs., so instead of using the 1 scoop with 6 –  8 ounces of water, I went with a quarter of a scoop.  That was 5 days ago, and I was at the gym, in the boxing room.  I took it 30 minutes before working out, and by the end of my session I was sweating.

On the Monday, we had doctor’s appointments, and lots of errands, so I ended up working out at home.  I took the quarter scoop before using my suspension straps.

Tuesday is crazy Zumba day.  A full hour of advanced, and she really kicks butt.  I decided to up to a third of a scoop, and pleased to say that I could tolerate it.  I had an amazing workout, including 30 minutes of circuit training.

Yesterday, we went to one gym first, where I did stretching, and then had a half scoop of Vital Fitness Pre-workout.  The reason was, I was having my boxing session with my trainer, at a different gym.  I was faster, and sweated far more than normal.  At the end of it, I felt the best I ever have.

Today, was Zumba again, but I worked out for 30 minutes beforehand.

I have written on how well it has worked for me, and delighted with the performance it gives me.  The following information comes from the Amazon page, as it is so informative, and written far better than I would be able to do so:


‘After extensive research and development, our team at One Elevated is very pleased with the result of VITAL ULTIMATE. The outcome is the best natural bodybuilding supplement which is formulated to ensure maximum health benefits, bioavailability, delivery, and effectiveness.

ORGANIC PERFORMANCE: VITAL features PEAKO2, a patent-pending blend of adaptogens clinically proven to decrease lactate and improve power, VO2 max and time-to-exhaustion. PEAKO2 helps delay muscle failure by acting on the depletion of ATP and/or glycogen; accumulation of hydrogen ions from lactate, as well as muscle contraction failure due to ATP-dependent calcium release/uptake. Positive effects are felt nearly acutely, within one week. PEAKO2 contains high levels of beta-glucans and L-Ergothioneine, a “master” antioxidant that fights damage from oxidative stress in the body, helping athletes train longer and recover faster.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We do NOT use additives, chemical binders, or artificial ingredients. Flavored with 100% natural mango and peach and sweetened with Stevia, VITAL has a subtle, tropical and refreshingly tart taste you will love.

EXPLOSIVE WORKOUTS: A pre-workout for men and women and dialed up with the just the right amount of PEAKO2, creatine, beta alanine, green coffee bean extract, and raspberry ketones to support stronger pumps, lean muscle growth, fat loss, and mental focus. VITAL delivers a smooth flow of sustained energy with a feeling of vitality that lasts.

NO “PROPRIETARY BLEND”: Proudly made in the USA within a GMP-certified, FDA-inspected facility. Includes an extra long scoop spoon for mess-free mixing.

HEALTH CONSCIOUS and GMO-FREE: Contains no wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish, nuts, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners/colors/flavors. VITAL is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Manufactured in strict compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).’

I totally recommend it, as I have given away so many products that have made me sick in the past.  I added a video of me yesterday.  I have only been with Ryan Kirkbridge, my trainer for a month, and of course I am 69 years old, but very happy with it. Love the taste, and if I can focus better, than that will be an added bonus for me.

I received this product for free, and no way did it persuade be to write a positive review.


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  1. Reblogged this on susiesopinions and commented:

    I have been using the VITAL Pre-Workout now for several months. I take the full scoop of powder with my water, and can say that it has really upped my performance. I now feel like a real boxer, and can do full rounds with my trainer. He pushes me all the time, and my body can take it. I love my bigger, firmer muscles, and put a lot of it down to this great product.

    I firmly believe in it, and just opened another container of my favorite pre-workout supplement.


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