Graceug Waterproof Travel Fanny Bag Waist Pack Sling Pocket Super Lightweight For Travel Cashier’s box, Tool Kit 2017

I tend to wear waist bags/fanny packs most days.  They are so much more convenient than conventional handbags.  Having the Graceug Waterproof Travel Fanny Bag Waist Pack Sling Pocket Super Lightweight, gives me the option to wear a much lighter bag, than all my other ones.

What I like about it is, that it has lots of room for your phone, credit cards, Kleenex, keys, and so much more.  It is waterproof, which is great, because I do sweat when working out.  The back of the bag, that lays against your stomach is a soft mesh fabric.  The waist strap is made of elastic.  It also stays in place, and how light it is.
The only reason I will use another waist bag is, because it has a see through plastic area on the front, so that I can see, and use my phone.  However, that one was a lot more money.
I love the black, with the bright red top zipper.  Also it is a really smooth end to the zipper so it won’t catch up on anything.  Inside the bag is a pocket, that also has a zipper, and this is great for carrying cash.
I honestly think that this fanny pack/waist bag would really work for anyone outside.  If you were at a flea market, it would be great for keeping your cash safe, and wouldn’t weigh you down.  Also good for long treks.
I can see myself using this one at the beach.  It is big enough to put my bikini cover up in it, as well as my phone, and a Kleenex.  That way all I will have to carry is my water bottle.
It comes in blue with a yellow zipper, and also red with a yellow zipper.  I love my black one.
I did receive this item for free, and writing a review of it, is my pleasure.


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