Dr.Seth Soft Metatarsal Gel Pads Sleeve for Ball of Foot Cushion and Support-1 Pair

Both my husband, and I have problem with our feet, so I was happy to receive the Dr.Seth Soft Metatarsal Gel Pads Sleeve for Ball of Foot Cushion and Support-1 Pair. 

I tried them first, and the holes go over the big toe, and little toe, and the rest of the toes go through the center of the sleeve.  You then pull in down, so that the foot cushion, is under the ball of your foot.  Then you do the same with the other one.

You can actually feel the softness of the gel inside the pad.  It really does give you a cushion to support the bottom of your foot.  They are also very comfortable, and you don’t feel like you are wearing them.

I wore them all day long in my sneakers with socks on, and was able to walk, do Zumba class, and all my usual activities.

I then passed them over to my husband, and he said that they were okay.  I think us ladies definitely have more to say on a subject.  I also wanted to mention that they are easy to wash by hand, and just let them air dry.

These are perfect for sneakers, but I couldn’t wear them with my flat black shoes, as the top showed in them.  That is not a problem because the majority of time I am a sneakers girl.

I did receive this product at

a discounted price, and wanted to share my findings with you, after giving them a weeks test.



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