LattoGe Cut Resistant Gloves – With Hang Rope, EN388 Certified, Food Grade, Level 5 Protection, Safety Gloves

I do lots of cooking from scratch, and many a time, have cut my fingers when doing preparation work.  I am always chopping onions, slicing cabbage, carrot, and using a cutter for my apples.  All of these can be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions.  That’s why I am so happy to have the LattoGe Update Cut Resistant Gloves – With Hang Rope, EN388 Certified, Food Grade, Level 5 Protection, yard-work Cutting and Slicing, Kitchen Hand Safety Gloves (Large).

I have been using them when I made a chicken curry, as I have to chop up onions, apples, and then cut up a whole chicken.  These gloves are thin enough so that you can feel what you are doing, but have enough protection, so you can’t injure yourself.

I personally don’t want to use them in the garden, even though they are washable, as I want to keep them for my kitchen.  However, I can see them being a great asset there, as I go through gardening gloves, every few months.  They are certainly not made to last. 

They are: ‘4 times stronger than leather.  HPPE -100% food safe and machine washable, has excellent wear resistance and cutting resistance, and have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.’

No matter what industry you are in, these gloves can save a trip to the emergency room.

I did received these for free, and wanted to share my great experience using them, with you.

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