SEEU Women’s Sports Bra Medium Support Yoga Bra Running Bra, Sport Bras wish Strap Back

To many people a bra is just a bra, but not when you workout.  That’s why I wanted to test the SEEU Women’s Sports Bra Medium Support Yoga Bra Running Bra, Sport Bras wish Strap Back. Well actually when I saw the different designs, and patterns it made it really hard to choose, which one I liked the best.

I went for the white one, with the black cross over straps at the front, and the double straps at the back.  I ordered small, as I am 34B, and it fits perfectly.  Upon putting it on, it does feel a little tight, but once you have readjusted it, it is really comfortable.

I have so many black, and gray ones, so it’s really nice to have a different color.  Under my razorback tops, some of my bra shows, and this made for a pretty look.

I have worn it doing an hour of Zumba, and also boxing.  It stayed in place, and so did my boobs.  So often I see ladies with loose fitting bras, with their boobs bouncing up, and down.  I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable with one like that.

It is an ‘Elasticized Fabric.  Moisture wicking and breathable to keep you cool and dry.  Shrink and fade resistant to withstand wash and wear.  Removable padding for the perfect fit.’

I agree will all of the above.  The bra is more expensive than others I have at $18.99, but well worth it, when it fits so well, and looks so good.  In the past I have bought $10 ones from Wal-Mart, and they have stretched in no time at all.  Also the colors really faded.

I have washed it twice, and put it on a hanger to dry.  By the morning I could wear it again.  I did receive this bra for free, and wanted to share it with you.  Please go to the Amazon page, and check out all the other designs.  I have 2 other ones I am planning on buying.



  1. Sports bras are a BIG thing with me. I’m a 36C and since I ride a big moving horse and in dressage we have to sit the trot I want those boobies to be LOCKED in and not bouncing and I hate loosing a strap because I can’t drop the reins and hike it up again. I have got the bras I like from Title Nine and they are not cheap but better than getting something that doesn’t work for me.

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