OUTAD PU Leather Punch Mitt Boxing Training Pad 1PCS Thai Kick Target MMA Mitt

My second to favorite thing to do is boxing.  The first is walking along the water’s edge at the beach.  I have a trainer that I work with once a week, have a speed ball in my home, and box at the gym 3 times a week.  However, that is not enough.  I now have the OUTAD PU Leather Punch Mitt Boxing Training Pad 1PCS Thai Kick Target MMA Mitt.

My trainer uses similar mitts, and so I wanted my husband to use the mitt, while I boxed.  As you can see in the photos, it was a huge success.

The Outad Punch Mitt is ‘ergonomic, making it durable for long term use and giving protection to your fist.  The high potency foam padding, with inner palm protect your palm, wrist, and decreases the shock.’ 

It has the finger slots on the back, and it can be used for either hand.  The mitt is secured at the wrist with Velcro, and is well supported.  When I punched it, it didn’t feel any different that a bag, and my husband said that it had enough sponge in the mitt, so as not to throw him off balance.

I am very happy that I have it, and did receive it for free.  Now I have to purchase a second one, after testing it, so that I can do 3 minute rounds with him.

Update:  I have the second, and also boxing gloves from Outad.  Here is today’s video of me using the gloves, and my trainer, the mitts.


ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bags MMA



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