Sogrand Solar Outdoor, Motion Sensor Light, Super Bright, Security Light, Great Sensor, Closer on Stake, for Wall, Patio, Garden, Deck, Shed, Lawn, Fence, Pathway and Driveway

The Sogrand Outdoor Motion Sensor Light, Super Bright Security Light, with a Great Sensor, on a Stake, Motion Light, is really powerful.

I only had it in the sun for about 4 hours, before dusk started to fall.  I then brought it in, and pulled off the top, where the line/join is.  Here I found the switch to turn the light on.  I put it on so that there would be a low light, and when I opened the patio door, the sensor turned it into this almost floodlight.  It is one really bright light.  I took the photo through my screen door, as I could see the mosquitos flying around.

It states that it has an:’ Upgraded solar panel, thus getting faster battery charging in less sunshine environment.’   This is true, and that is why I am thinking that this light would be great for anyone.  I have had comments saying that people don’t have enough sunlight for solar lights to work.  This one could be the one for you.

It has ’60 illumine solar motion sensor light that comes with more brightness. It sets  ample  solar motion sensor light that will provide safety and security.’ 

The modes are 1.   It turns on with motion, and stays on for 30 seconds after movement. 2. A constant low light, and it gets brighter when there is motion detected. 3. It comes on at dusk and off at dawn.   4. Off.

This Sogrand solar light is going to stay in my back yard, as I have motion lights in the front.  I did receive this for free, and wanted to let you know, how well it works..

Sogrand 8pcs-Pack, Outdoor Solar Lights with a Glass Lens Copper Finish.

Sogrand 100 LED 30FT, Solar Rope Lights, Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, Idea for the yard, garden, lawn, patio, deck, fence, and landscaping.

Sogrand 4 Pack Dual Color LED Copper Finish Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights Solar Landscape Lighting Solar Path Lights Solar Garden Lights












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