OUTAD Boxing Gloves Leather Sparring Gloves Muay Thai Training Gloves, Black/ Red

I do have a pair of boxing gloves that I purchased about 6 weeks ago, but wanted another pair to have in the house, and also for backup, when I am helping other ladies to learn to box.  That is why I was very happy to receive the OUTAD Boxing Gloves Leather Sparring Gloves Muay Thai Training Gloves, Black/ Red.

I could have had the red ones with flames on them, but wanted the black ones, with the same fiery pattern.

They come in one size that fits me perfectly.  Their construction is resilient leather construction, which should give me a lot of wear from them.  They have extra padding, and gel, which gives extra protection the knuckles, and wrists.  I sweat really badly with my extra long wraps, and then gloves, so having the air holes in the palm area, really helps with ventilation.

When I put my hands in them, they curl over at the end, to give me a really tight grip.  The thumb is a perfect fit too.

From the Amazon webpage:

‘Extra-thick Foam based padding on knuckles with separate block over wrist-joint along with shock dissipating gel lining between padding.  Perfect for MMA, Muay Thai and boxing training or professional match, reduce the injury.’

As you can see in my video, the gloves look ,and fit great, as they have more than enough padding to do the job.  At the inexpensive price of $18.99, they are very good value.

I did received mine for free, and have really tested them, with my trainer.  Both the gloves and pads, are exactly what I was looking  for.


OUTAD PU Leather Punch Mitt Boxing Training Pad 1PCS Thai Kick Target MMA Mitt




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