Sogrand 2pcs-Pack, Night Light, Toilet Light, with a Colorful LED, Motion Sensor Light. Have Fun and Keep Safe in the Restroom at Night. Fits on All Toilet Bowl Sizes.

Getting older isn’t that much fun, especially when you have to use the bathroom at night.  That is when the Sogrand 2pcs-Pack, Night/Toilet Light, Colorful LED, Motion Sensor Light, that Beautifies the Toilet Seat. Fits on All Toilet Bowl Sizes, comes in handy.

First off, it is so simple to use.  All you need is 3 AAA batteries, that are not included.  Put them in the battery compartment, and it is ready to use.  Lift up the toilet seat, and open the arm.  Put it over the rim of the toilet, and allow the arm to point downwards.

As soon as it gets dark, or even semi-dark, the motion sensor will pick you up, and the light in the toilet bowl, will come on.  In my video is shows the different colors that rotate.  You can also have it on a single color, and I prefer the blue option.

These toilet/night lights are really useful.  I like having one, but I also think they are great for guys in the house.  It is less likely that they will miss the bowl, if they are still sleepy.

I did receive mine for free, and tried it out for several nights, before writing this review.  It worked perfectly.

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