WOHOME Portable Dehumidifier 550ML Electric Mini Dehumidifier for Closets, Bathrooms, Boats, Kitchens and Other Small Rooms & Spaces

Living in Florida, we have to have the air conditioning on, most of the year.  I also have to use Damp Rid, or the new Bamboo air purifiers, to keep moisture out, and mold from forming.

I have my laundry closet right next to the kitchen, and don’t always like having to run the clothes dryer, when it is so hot.  I thought that the Portable Dehumidifier 550 ml. electric mini for closets, bathrooms, boats, kitchens, etc., would work well in this area.

It is already for you to use, when it arrives.  Just put the lead into the back of the product, and plug it in.  Switch it on, at the front, and you have to really listen, as it is so quiet.

After doing my washing, I partly dried my clothes, then hung them, and laid them on my washer, and dryer, and left them next to the dehumidifier.  I went back a couple of hours later, and they were all dry.  They would have dried, but left a dampness in the laundry/kitchen area.

I really like this portable machine.  Once dry, you just switch it off.  It has a blue light when in use, and a red light when the tank is full of water.  It automatically stops when this happens.  You empty it, and start all over again.

I am liking it even more each time I use it, and as it is portable, can take it to any room I need.  It can be used in any small rooms/areas.

I did receive this product for free, and am so happy with it, that I wanted to share my views with you.




  1. What a great idea. Here in Colorado I do the partial dry/hang out to dry method all the time. But with our dry environment I don’t need this. However whenever I’m in Florida I’m alway a little annoyed with the humidity in that it does make it harder to dry clothes.

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