AZOT Ripped Shirts for Women Sexy Lady Blouses Cut Out Tops Short Sleeve Tees O-Neck Shirt Cross Bodycon Pullover

Tonight I couldn’t decide what outfit to wear dancing, and ended up wearing the AZOT Ripped Shirt for Women Sexy Blouse Cut Out Top, Short sleeves Tee, with the O-Neck Cross Bodycon Pullover.  I wore it with gray leggings.  The outfit looked stunning, and I had so many people saying how much they loved it. 

The top is made of 95% Rayon, and 5% Spandex.  I chose the wine red, but it also comes in gray, and black.  I checked the size chart as I am a size 2 – 4 in the U.S., but going on the bust size of Large, size 6, 34.2 bust, I went with that.  I am a 34.5.  It fits well, but I think I could have gone for the Medium, size 4, that says 32.2.  It does look good on me, but I do personally like my clothes tight.

The material is really soft, and the cuts in it are perfect.  The ones on the bust line enhance your boobs, so it is a really sexy top.  The sleeve ones just make it even more beautiful.  You can see in my photos, and video how well it is made.

This ripped shirt can be worn for almost any occasion.  It is casual enough for friends, and feminine for a romantic evening.  I can see me wearing it often.

I did receive this product for free, and find myself totally loving modeling clothes, and writing about them.




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