Meaneor Women Casual V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Floral Lace Button Blouse Tops(White, S)

I have lots of trousers, leggings, capris, and skirts, so it was really nice to receive the Meaneor Women Casual V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Floral Lace Button Blouse Top.  It comes in white, and the size I ordered is small.

It is made of 100% polyester, and is hand, or machine washable.

I can’t explain how soft it is.  Even the lace is, and usually that tends to be hard.  The front area just above, and to the side of the buttons, is like a plush material, and it also goes around the neckline too.

I love the line of it.  The bottom hem is rounded, so that the sides are slightly higher than the front, and back.  The back of it is plain, and has a kind of yoke area, and a slight gathering, just below it.

The blouse is suitable for any occasion.  I wore it dancing the other evening, but it would be ideal for lunch, dinner, work, for even a wedding, or party.  It can be matched up with casual or formal trousers, and skirts.  White is so versatile, and can be worn with almost any color.

My photos show me wearing the blouse, and I have also included a video to show you the quality of it.

I was supposed to receive this product for free, back on June 1st, but after 41 emails going back and forward between us, I have not been refunded.

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  1. Love the top and the color. Sorry the seller has not refunded you. I do see where it is currently unavailable on Amazon and not sure if it will be back in stock. I wonder if the seller has possibly left the Amazon platform. I have had a few sellers do me that and never received the product but luckily Amazon refunded me so I was not out any money. It really looks nice on you.

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  2. No this is a very popular brand, and they are offering clothing all the time. I love it too.

    Often reviewers write a bad review if a seller doesn’t pay, but I am honest, that’s why I did an excellent review, with photos, and a video.

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  3. Oh, I know you are honest without a doubt. I pulled up the link to the blouse which was showing unavailable and then clicked on the brand name and only one item showed up on Amazon. May have been an Amazon thing because I know you have many clothing items from them you have reviewed. I totally agree with you on the honest review of the product even though you didn’t receive your refund because in no way does it affect the quality of the product.


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