CookArt have produced a perfect pizza cutter and server.

This is one of my earlier reviews that was written when I first started my blog. It’s a neat product, so wanted to share it with you. I use it once a month when my husband has pizza.



I have thrown my old pizza cutter in the trash, as I probably got it in a Dollar Tree store, and it really didn’t work that well.  The reason why, is that I have the Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter and Server by CookArt – Strong Handle No Rust Non Stick Pizza Slicer.

As you can see in my photos, it is so much nicer, than the basic type.  It is quite a bit heavier, and that is due to it being both a cutter, and a server.  Also the blade is stainless steel, which will never rust.

It has an easy to grip handle with a guard, to prevent you from touching the sharp blade.  It doesn’t matter what thickness the pizza is, it will cut through it.

I like that it is dishwasher safe, as well as washing by hand.  Not sure that I would be happy having it in…

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