Untangled clothes with the Durable Mesh Laundry Wash Bags

Yet another early review on this site, that is worth a read. Just updated it after 10 months of using them.



I have some mesh laundry bags, but not enough for all the delicate washing I have.  I was pleased to get the Durable Mesh Laundry Wash Bags with nylon zippers set.  There are 6 bags, 1 jumbo, 3 large, and 2 medium.

So on my last laundry day, I was able to put my panties in one bag, bras in another, 2 bikinis in a different one, and my yoga pants, in a fourth one.

It was great as the bras didn’t get unhooked and ruin my other clothes.  My yoga pants/leggings didn’t rough up, as they sometimes do.

I took the bags out of the washing machine, and put them straight into the dryer, on a low heat.  All my clothes came out really good.

The bags are well made, have safe, strong zippers, that fit under a loop, so that the ends are hidden.  I love that I have…

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