MeeQee 12×40 Compact Binocular Telescope with FMC Bak4 Prism Low Light Night Vision Wide Angle Powerful Binocular for Bird Watching, Summer Camping, Travel, Sports and Concerts (Black and Yellow)

We have several nature trails, in the local parks, so taking a pair of binoculars is great.  That is why I was happy to receive the MeeQee 12 x 40 Compact Binocular Telescope.  They have FMC Bak4 Prism Low Light Night Vision, are wide angle, and powerful.

Upon opening the box, the binoculars are in a really nice carry case, that has a Velcros closure, and a strong loop at the back, to have them on a belt.  There is a single sheet instruction page, and a cloth, for cleaning them.

Today is a rainy day, so I went out into my garage, and adjusted one eye at a time, and then used the center focus wheel to get perfect long distance vision.  I could see neighbors foliage, way down the other end of the street, which is impossible with just my eyes.  It was crystal clear.

From the website: ‘LARGE BAK-4 PRISM AND FULLY MULTI-COATED LENS – Strengthen the key function of a binocular and guarantee superior light transmission which makes your view brighter and clearer.  ERGOCOMFORT FRAME – NON-SLIP rubber material and ergocomfort design help you hold the binocular easily and comfortably. You can watch birds, outdoor sports or concerts for hours without feeling tired.’

I did try them at dusk, before it got really dark, and they worked great for me.  They can be used in any weather conditions, so perfect for walking, bird watching, and anytime you want a close up.

They feel very comfortable, and have a strap that goes around your neck, for when they are not in use.

I did receive these at a discounted price, and wanted to write a review about them.



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