Chief Gear Wrist Wraps + Lifting Straps + Grip Pads Bundle – Ultimate 3-in-1 Fitness Package To Improve Hand Strength & Support For Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Gym & Powerlifting

Being at the gym each, and every day, I need to protect myself from injury.  I already have a titanium plate, steel rod, and seven screws in my right wrist, after someone bumping into me, knocking me down, and landing on top of me.  This healed beautifully, but I really have to treat my wrist with respect.

That is why I was delighted to receive the Chief Gear wrist wraps.  There are 3 separate products, in this package.

My favorite are the wrist wraps.  They are nice and wide, 3 inches, by 14 inches in length.  They are a thick stretchy material, that allows you to tighten them as much as you need.  The Velcros is really strong, so they will always stay in place.  The thumb loop is around 2 inches in length, and half an inch wide.

My husband took some photos this morning, while I was working out at the gym, and you can see me using them with the 18 lb. kettle bell.  They really protected my wrists, when swinging it.

I also used the grip pads, that are far better made than the ones, I had been using.  I believe the price of them alone, was around $8.99, and this set of 3, are just $1 more, at $9.99.

The grip pads are made of 100%

Neoprene, and fit really well.  I have to admit that I haven’t used the lifting straps, because I don’t lift heavy weights.  I tend to use the machines at the gym, and my suspension straps at home.

I can recommend this set to anyone, that wants quality, and a lot of product for the money.  I did receive this product for free, and wanted to write an honest, and unbiased review.




  1. Interesting to see these. I have arthritis in my left thumb and I wear a brace at night that helps it. I’d love to have something to use when riding but I have to be able to bend and flex my wrists easily so I just make do with giving my thumb a rest at night! And you look great, as always, in the photos. You are one fit woman!

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  2. I’m closing in on sixty, and I love to see people of my generation who work out. You look great. I used to kick-box until about five years ago, when my body started saying – no more. I’m trying to get back into regular exercise, but it’s tough. Keep up the good work.

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